Jacques Bernou Acupuncture

"Jacques Bernou has been my acupuncture for a hand-full of years, I have passed his name on to many of my clients.  I would trust him with any of my physical, mental or internal problems.  If you ask him a questing regarding a problem and he doesn't have the answer, just give him some time and he will find it.  He is honest, caring and loving, if he is unable to help with a problem you bring to him he will gladly referrer you on to someone that can help you, or ask you to contact your own doctor. "  - Massage therapist

"Jacques personal attention, caring manner and insight into the relationship between herbal remedies and health in the body has helped me achieve more equilibrium….better sleeping habits …and calmer energy.  I recommend his services especially to women in the transition of menopause." - Debora - Business consultant

"Jacques you are definitely my go-to man when it comes to neck pain and chronic coughing. Seems like every once in a while I just get a kink in my neck that won't go away... until I take a time out and see you for some treatment! Same thing with my winter chest congestion and coughing that wears me down, down, down.... I always benefit from seeing you and look forward to our visits. Thank you so much." - Sandra H - Lafayette

"I just wanted to thank you for helping me get over many of my asthma issues as well as my lower back pain.  The accupuncture and the herbal pills that you gave me all helped.  I sleep better and have had less problems with my asthma and allergies.  I haven't even gone to the chiropractor in a long time!!" - Betsy S - Realtor

"I was going through a lot of stress, which caused a great deal of neck and shoulder pain. Working with Jacques helped to release a great deal of this pain and take away my stress. A treament with Jacques is always such a huge help! He is so nurturing and very informative. Also a huge help with PMS symptoms."  - Dana W - Owner of Green Buddha Products

"Over the years, I have worked with many acupuncturists for chronic health issues. Jacques is, by far, the best acupuncturist I have found. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is extraordinarily caring and kind as well. He is a good listener, and spends the time needed to really get a handle on what treatment and herbs would be of most benefit. He is a gem. I couldn't recommend him more highly." - Tamara S - Artist